Huddle Spaces

Huddles by Involve: Introducing a unique set of workspace furnishing and soft furnishing products, supported by certified interior architects and designers, coupled with best-in-class collaboration technology. Implement huddle spaces to promote effective collaborative meetings, presentations, training and much more.

Huddle spaces are a great addition to any business regardless of size – when they are designed to work effectively.. When well-planned and easily accessible, they’re a simple and effective way to hold any small meeting, ad hoc or pre-booked, in a professional manner and without fuss. The added advantage of integrating with the existing workflow and supporting BYOD gives users the perfect space, every time.

Why a huddle space?

  • Boost creativity with informal meetings
  • Free up traditional meeting spaces for their true use and correct capacities
  • Connects seamlessly internally & externally
  • Aesthetically pleasing, modernising the workspace
  • Fully integrates with larger spaces
  • Allows for spontaneous collaboration
  • Ergonomic design is perfect for small meetings, ensuring discussions stay within the space and external noise is limited
  • Completely adaptable, with a variety of tech additions from trusted vendors
  • Provides a level of privacy in an open plan office or workspace
  • Helps remote workers feel more included in the meeting
  • Turn existing small rooms into productive meeting spaces


Involve Huddle Solutions

We have a number of designs to help you think about your existing work place services and how a huddle space could fit in.

These range from the ‘Involve Space’ solution, giving you a 4-seater acoustically prepared fixed position booth with display and powered connection ports for sharing and collaborating to the group through to ‘Involve Highline’, a functional space for standing meetings with high level display, desk and chairs with connectivity options. We even have you covered if you want to be able to move your whole meeting space around with the ‘Involve Zoom Room’

All available in a variety of fabrics and finishes to suit your business’ branding and space.

Read our KP Snacks Case Study to see how our huddle spaces worked for them

Noel recommends: “We can do huddle for you at Involve, but it will be from a professional skilled systems integrator, that is fully supportive for all eventualities. It will offer a small natural space for your business to have increased communications. Huddle spaces truly are the most cost-effective ways for improved communication spaces within a company without taking over an office for a meeting. “

Working with industry leading partners, we ensure that your solution is best in class

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